For a fairly complete overview of the target tracking problem, methods, and algorithm collected at one place, the flowing books are good entry points.

Articles used throughout the course:

Programming frameworks

This is an incomplete list of programming frameworks that can be used to speed up the development and evaluation of multi-target tracking solutions. For your production codes solutions, you most likely should tailor a solution for your specific problem. However, studying the structure of these is probably still a good ideas.

MATLAB: Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox

This MATLAB toolbox includes algorithms and tools for designing, simulating, and testing systems that fuse data from multiple sensors to maintain situational awareness and localization.

Python: Stone Soup

Stone Soup is a software project to provide the target tracking and state estimation community with a framework for the development and testing of tracking and state estimation algorithms. The project is lead by the DSTL in the UK, but involves a number of different partners.